Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Are you suffer from hair loss, dandruff and worse migraine?
Why not you take Opal Sauna?
It is effective to heal such problems!


Price: RM600 (n/p RM660)

Detailed description of this type of sauna:
1- Physical pattern of this sauna is similar with Jade Infrared Sauna.
2- In assembling this sauna, it is hassle free and easy to set it up as well as to store it.
3- No frames installation at all. Hence, you can simply fold it and place it at the corner of your house after taking off your sauna. Truly space saving.
4- Of all, this sauna type has hair cover can have beneficial effects in recovering the problem of migraine and hair dandruff. Plus, it can gives your skin face more radiant and clean.
5- By using this type of sauna, you can gain the comprehensive sauna benefits on your whole body from top to toe. It will be able to cleanse your toxins and refreshen your body from all the dirts.

Set of this sauna:
1- Steamer pot
2- Sauna tent
3- Folding chair
4- Remote control
5- Hair cover

Ranges of wonderful colours to choose:
Bright blue

Buying this sauna now and you will be entitled to get these cool free gifts:
Herbal Aura Sauna
Foot massager

The picture below demonstrates the method of installing and storing this sauna type:

It simply take you only 1 minute to unfold or put it away.

*Please note that the price of this type of sauna is being sold outside at high price...around rm3000++. So consider buying with us for more savings. Tq.

Monday, May 24, 2010



Detailed descriptions of this type of sauna:
1- The pattern of this sauna has similarity with Ruby Sauna in terms of its pyhsical pattern and ways of assembling it.
2- Easy to assemble either to set it up or to store it.
3- Thin clothing with 1 waterproof PVC layer only.
4- Lightly one and foldable.
5- Its teamer pot differs from the rest of my sauna designs. It is  not provided with remote control.

Can't afford to own expensive home sauna?
Why not to try this!
This sauna is extremely cheap, but yet offer a maximum advantages of sauna for you.
Most importanly, you can do your sauna at the comfort of your own home.

Buy this sauna now and grab these cool free gifts:
Herbal Aura Sauna (worth RM20)
Foot massager

Sunday, May 23, 2010



Price: RM440

Features of this sauna type:
1- Such price is an offer price though the local market price is RM490.
2- This sauna design meets most customers satisfaction because it is very easy to assemble. No tools of installation required, Thus, just open the slide, switch on your steamer and you are ready to sauna in minutes!
3- It is foldable. You can even fold this sauna either into a flat slide or put it in its carrier bag for you travel.
4- This special design of sauna is of an user friendly style and suitable for those who are often on quick and tight schedule of daily routine.
5- Made of high quality clothing and consists of 3 layers; Nylon (external), hot proof Fiber (middle side) and waterproof PVC (inner side).

The pictures below illustrate the ease of assembling this sauna type:

Ways to install

Ways to fold it into a slide and to insert into its bag

Colours to choose:
Light pink

Buy this sauna now and grab these cool free gifts:
Herbal Aura Sauna (worth RM20)
Foot Massager


Price: RM390 (Normal Price is RM560)

Detailed description of this type of steam bath sauna is as follows:

Made of  high quality clothing
There are 3 layers:
Layer 1: Nylon (outside layer)
Layer 2: Hot proof fiber (middle side)
Layer 3: Waterproof PVC (inner side)

2- Easy to set up and to store
3- Requires a litlle bit of installation of its tools to set it up. This installation will take a few minutes before you can enjoy your sauna.
4- The clothing is of high quality material, long lasting and obviously thick.
5- Very cheap and reasonable price.
6- Recognized internationally by having CE approval from overseas and Malaysia Electricity Commission. This means, you are secure to consume this sauna. No hesitation.
7- Very effective and trusted for weight loss program, maintain your health and wellness.
8- Best of all, you can do it from the comfort of your own home!

Another variation of colours of this design:
Bright blue
Light pink

Buying this sauna now and grab these cool free items:
1 pack of Herbal Aura Sauna - includes of 5 packets worth RM20.
Foot massager

Want its foldable chair?
Yes, buy the chair with only RM10 with this sauna.

Diamon Sauna Steamer

Specification of the Steamer:

1.User can control the temperature and time using the remote control or by pushing a button on the steamer.
2.User can change the time in 3 grades, which are 20 minutes, 40 minutes and 60 minutes.
3.Temperature can be changed in 6 grades:
◦low light (1st grade).
◦middle light(2nd grade).
◦high light(3rd grade).
◦low and middle light(4th grade).
                                             ◦low and high light(5th grade).
                                             ◦low.middle and high light(6th grade).

High temperature : 50 degree celcius.
Voltage : 110V/220V/240V
Power : 1000w

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Portable Home Sauna At A Glance

Health Benefits of Portable Home Sauna
Portable saunas offer all the benefits of traditional, full-sized saunas. Portable saunas offer the following types of medical and personal benefits:
• Stress relief. Infrared or steam portable saunas can be helpful in reducing stress, by relaxing the muscles and providing a calm environment
• Detoxification. The heat in saunas, causes you to sweat, which helps rid the body of impurities such as heavy metal and environmental toxins
• Skin rejuvenation. The sweat resulting from sauna usage opens and cleanses pores, making skin softer, younger, and glowing.
•Detailed clarification of the skin which akes skin more beautiful, smoother, refresh and silkier.

•Helps lose weight by burning fats from the outside.
•Helps remove toxins from the body (aluminum, cadmium, lead and mercury).
•Reduce body aches, nerves ache, etc.
•Helps increase cardiovascular system.
•Get rid of pressure and relax the muscles.
•Helps blood circulation.
•Increase body immune system.
•Reduce swollen prostate in man.
•Very suitable for those who are paerticular about their body weight and general health.
•Compare the benefits of sauna bath and exercise activities below:
1.Sauna for 15 mins burns 400-600 calories.
2.Doing aerobics for 30 minutes burns 400 calories.
3.Riding bicycle for 30 minutes burns 250 – 500 calories.
4.Jogging for 30 minutes burns 300 calories.
5.Swimming for 30 minutes burns 400 calories.

Another Articles That Support The Advantages of Sauna Bath:

The History of Sauna Bath
The history goes way back a few thousand years ago. During Roman empire, sauna bath have long been practised by the Romans and it was known as "Sudatorium". In Turkey, the Persian call it "Hamam", in Russia it is known as "Banja". In other words, sauna bath have been the way of life for people in the previous century to maintain their health and well-being. It has been used traditionally before modern medicine was introduced.

Traditional Malay Sauna Bath
In the old times, (and in some area still practice it today), the sauna bath is done by boiling herbs in the pot.The sauna user will be put near the pot and covered their body with clothing until the water in the pot dries up with no heat. User will be full in sweats and to those who have fever, the fever will definitely gone after using the sauna. These herbs have been proven to be very effective in restoring our health and beauty and cure/heal all kind of diseases. Now the boiling-the-herbs-in-water process has been modernize so that users will enjoy the sauna bath in a more soothing and calm situation.

The advantage of Hot Sauna bath are:
Warm heat effects the body by :
The warm radiation from the heat gives positive effect to the cardiovascular system. While in sauna (for around 20 minutes), your breathing and pulse reading will increase from 75 bpm to 100-150 bpm. This will increase the blood circulation (not the blood pressure) resulting from the heat opening up the delicate blood vessel to help the rising blood circulation to the entire body. This process will enable the body to divide more nutrients to the entire body, especially to the skin and replace dead cells. So, the dramatic positive difference that you can see is you will have a more beautiful, lustrous, glowy and younger looking skin for a few hours after the sauna.
The warmth will heat the entire body, 'melting' the blood, open up the nerves and causing the blood to flow easily. The heat effect will also soothes muscles that will get rid of all the numbness, and all discomfortness from the body.
The heat will also open up pores, removes dirt and toxins in the skin, making the skin healthier, the hair stronger and fresher, and can eliminate dandruff.
The heat will also goes into the breathing system and straight into the blood circulation system / organs 11functional areas and give good effects to the body. From medical aspect, they are good for sinus treatment, bronchitis, allergies, and asthma.