Terms & Conditions

With every sale and purchase, lies the so called 'terms and conditions' to ensure both the seller and the buyer will obtain the best and the right thing in terms of goods and all such things. I have underlined such terms and conditions for you  to abide by when purchasing my products. They are as follows:

1- All payment should be made in USD currency.
2- No return of your goods when you had received it.
3- I will not be responsible in case of product missing during the shipment.
4- Please confirm your order by aggreing to all the costs include.
5- Prices shown are not include of the shipment fee.
6- The buyer should bear the shipment fee that based on weight and country.
7- I will email to you the shipment rates.
8- Normally, the shipment will take 5-7 working days to reach your country.
9- I only accept Western Union for your payment. Any other payment mediators will not be considered.
10- I shall not bear products warranty for international buyers. This is due to distance factor to deal on it when the products are broken.

Note: Please deal with proper. I am interested not to fussy buyer. Please email me for any inquiries. I thank you for your cooperation.