Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Are you suffer from hair loss, dandruff and worse migraine?
Why not you take Opal Sauna?
It is effective to heal such problems!


Price: RM600 (n/p RM660)

Detailed description of this type of sauna:
1- Physical pattern of this sauna is similar with Jade Infrared Sauna.
2- In assembling this sauna, it is hassle free and easy to set it up as well as to store it.
3- No frames installation at all. Hence, you can simply fold it and place it at the corner of your house after taking off your sauna. Truly space saving.
4- Of all, this sauna type has hair cover can have beneficial effects in recovering the problem of migraine and hair dandruff. Plus, it can gives your skin face more radiant and clean.
5- By using this type of sauna, you can gain the comprehensive sauna benefits on your whole body from top to toe. It will be able to cleanse your toxins and refreshen your body from all the dirts.

Set of this sauna:
1- Steamer pot
2- Sauna tent
3- Folding chair
4- Remote control
5- Hair cover

Ranges of wonderful colours to choose:
Bright blue

Buying this sauna now and you will be entitled to get these cool free gifts:
Herbal Aura Sauna
Foot massager

The picture below demonstrates the method of installing and storing this sauna type:

It simply take you only 1 minute to unfold or put it away.

*Please note that the price of this type of sauna is being sold outside at high price...around rm3000++. So consider buying with us for more savings. Tq.


  1. yes, it is!
    the steam sauna can have so many benefits for human body. pls find the articles i have attached in the below side of my blog for more details. sauna is modern-traditional style for get healthy and good wellbeing!